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Erotic man body map – a few words about the most sensitive parts of his body…

Sexy muscular naked man and female hands on a dark background

Do you remember the passionate moments at the beginning of your relationship? Can you remember the magic kisses and the thrill that accompanied every good pleasure to the touch? Mostly, the beginning of the relationship looks slightly different than that lasted for a long time. She-devil knows that it is worth to get to know her partner’s body map, learn it and follow what it tells.

There is a stereotype that men generally are not sensitive to caresses and their erogenous zones are concentrated only in pants. Well, certainly genitals are among the most vulnerable places, but not the only one. It often happens that under a thick skin lies a delicate man who likes stroking his cheeks, or combing the hair with fingers. Touch is an elementary part of any intimate relationship and should draw your attention before you get to the main course. Touch allows to stimulate senses, arouse excitement and prepare for a more sophisticated caresses. Men just like women need it. Let us consider, then, where can we find the pressure points and how the she-devil can use this knowledge.

Head – most men like  when their partner does massage the head, combs hair or scratches behind the ear. Such caresses, though delicate and inconspicuous create intimacy in a relationship and are pleasing not only in the alcove, but also during daily activities, whether watching a movie.

Neck – a place that she-devil can easily massages or strokes mouth.

Ears – this part of the body can be a contentious issue because some men do not like, when partner “works” precisely in this area. However, many men appreciate the gentle caresses such as kissing, sucking or chewing the ears. This heats up the atmosphere and acts as a partner stimulant, especially when is combined with whispering – do not forget that men are visual learners …

His back and shoulders – a particularly sensitive area is the line of the spine, so you might want to focus your attention here. Scratching, stroking, gentle tweaking always give pleasure.

Genitals are perhaps the most sensitive place on the body of a man and every she-devil knows what her partner likes the most …

Feet – fondling the feet, have as many supporters as opponents, so try to feel better if your partner likes it when a woman is focused on that part of the body. If so, you can do massage varied sucking fingers, or kisses.


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