Summer holidays, love, relationship and dating concept. Holding hands

A recipe for a successful relationship.

Summer holidays, love, relationship and dating concept. Holding handsIt is said that the main topic of female conversation are men. Love is the value we are looking for, because for most of us love means happiness. People form relationships, some are doing a wedding after two years of being together, others after five, and there are those who, knowing just a few months, decide to take an oath before God – regardless of the environment reaction.

Unfortunately, the reality in this aspect also can be cruel. Internet forums are flooded by crowds of desperate and disillusioned women who believe that the change has occurred with the acquisition of new roles: husband and wife. Women often say: “he wasn’t like that before marriage”, “my husband changed after marriage”. We should think over if the change really happened, or we were just blind and didn’t want to see defects  or differences of character which are the key point in our relationship now and separate us.

Everything in the beginning seems to fascinate us: new shoes, a car, the first day in the job. After some time, however we hunger news. The boredom comes and the things that we wanted so much, become an overeating junk. Maybe the same thing happens between two people?  Everyday, routine, duties, difficult situations come and butterflies are overwhelmed by stress; romanticism, mutual fascination and infatuation somewhere disappear, but it does not have to be that way!

 There are some basic rules about relationship and its care that should not be forgotten by young marriages. First of all, we cannot stop trying! I think that mutual respect between two people is also very important. They cannot demean and insult each other, but they should take care of their relationship which should  always be full of warmth and respect. Likewise is the case when it comes to sensitivity – small gestures can make miracles, so do not be ashamed to show them. Romanticism also should not disappear. Common candlelight dinner or a weekend getaway just the two can come and revive the lost, and even the already faltering feelings.

 It is common and understandable that everyone can have ‘worse days’ and life can be perverse: we can get a fine, someone who is very close to us can be ill, or we can have financial crisis. At such moments, it is extremely important to support each other, we have to know that we can count on our husband or wife. Such situations make our feelings stronger. We should never cease to care about their appearance. Being athletic, attractive, well-dressed – if such were before the wedding, we cannot forget about it, because if we forget about this, it can affect our confidence and quite unconsciously we may feel annoyance and frustration which may affect the quality of our marriage.

I think the key point to any relationship is to survive even the most severe crises. We have to support each other because we  decided to spend our whole life together. And here I quote Merilyn Monroe: “I make mistakes, I lose control and I’m sometimes hard to bear. But if you can not bear to me, when I’m the worst, it damn sure that you do not deserve me when I’m the best. “.


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