junge Frau steht vor vielen Fragen


junge Frau steht vor vielen Fragen

Women more often have problems with libido than men, but rarely talk about it. The women’ excitement consist of many factors. It is not just the right mood and partner. Women need more: hormonal balance, self-acceptance, and many other little things that make the hot atmosphere in the bedroom.

Stress vs libido
1.Stress has a very negative impact on libido. The more adrenaline or cortisol, the more difficult is to relax. When we are still thinking about work and responsibilities, “mechanically” the body also finds some  difficulties, because cortisol hinders blood flow to the genitals. Although it is easy to say – to relax, unfortunately it is much harder to do it. The easiest way to de-stress is to sit in our favourite chair with a glass of wine (if we like) and talk to our partner about everything. Then we can ask for a massage, which can be a prelude to further play.

The decreased libido as a result of the use of birth-control pills

2. Contraception – poorly chosen can have a very negative impact on the level of libido. If our libido significantly decreased after taking birth-control pills, it means that something is wrong. We should talk to our doctor, who, for sure, find a solution to this situation. It is possible that the drug or the treatment method will be changed. There is no need to be afraid of such changes because they can be good for us and our partner.

Our complexes kill libido

3. More difficult will be to fight with own complexes such as self-acceptance. We all have something to reproach – too big belly, cellulite, wrinkles or even some other, probably quite unfounded complexes. Probably, our partner would not pay any attention, but we do. That is why we should feel comfortable with our body. We may try experimenting with clothes, colors and appropriate underwear. If we don’t feel well enough, we can try a healthier diet (vitamin positively affect the skin, the hair, but also the well-being) and be more active. There is no need to run to the gym, but we can try nordic walking – a calmer sport, but also effective, which can bring a lot of satisfaction and get self-confidence.

Sex for apology

4. There are couples who believe that sex after an argument is a wonderful way to clear the air. If we argue about who and why not take out the garbage, it’s probably the above statement is true, but if our relationship met serious problems it is normal that we do not want to have sex. First, we should try to solve emotional problems, and then the ones that we have in bed.

Natural supplementation

5. The above methods do not work? There are a lot of pills or dietary supplements which improve libido in women. These with natural ingredients such as extract of fenugreek seeds or extract of ginseng root are really effective. These products will improve the blood circulation in genitals, gives energy and regulate hormonal balance.

Problems with libido shouldn’t be ignored. There are a lot of ways to increase libido and improve our sexual life. This is not worth to sacrifice the pleasure, which may have a significant impact on the quality of our relationship.


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