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There are a lot of myths about sex and, unfortunately, most of us believe in them. What are the most common?

When a woman wants to wriggle out of sex, she says that she had a headache;

Men have problems with libido, which can be repaired with pills and most popular that women pretend orgasms.

The truth is totally different. However, these stereotypes are particularly harmful for all of us, and if sex is still a taboo, how can we find out the truth?


The easiest way is to find the source of these stereotypes in our own bed. Of course, it can not take place without a frank discussion between partners. Although most of us, do not want to talk about sex, because we are afraid of changing the atmosphere of the bed. If our partner avoids sex, not always mean betrayal. Sometimes our partner may have hard time, or maybe he has some fantasies, which are ashamed to say. There is not anything wrong, if our partner sometimes hasn’t got desire for sex. The problem may occur when this reluctance is chronically.


A lot of people think that orgasm should look like in the movies, and it’s not always the erotic ones. Loud and clear sound, it does not have to seem that woman has an orgasm. Sometimes, indeed, some people like screaming or groaning, but some ladies finishes with a quiet sigh, and men only slightly groan. Silence in the bedroom does not herald anything wrong, but if the day-to-day partner changes the way of experiencing orgasm, this may be a sign that he or she pretends. Contrary to appearances, women not always decide to “dimming” in bed. Men do the same and almost every woman wonders how a man can pretend?


Men usually give out a deep sigh or just go very tired, which also has to prove that the “quickie” for them was satisfactory. Research shows that as many as one in four men sometimes pretends orgasms. The most common argument is a common desire to climax with a partner, an attempt to avoid the consequences – pregnancy and sometimes feeling that orgasm will appear after a really long time.

One in two women pretends orgasms, because they  want to make sure their partner about his sexual performance. That is why women usually start to pretend when their partner is nearing climax. Sometimes such pretense is also caused by too long sex, which for most women is uncomfortable.

On the other hand women who have never experienced an orgasm, pretend  because they do not want to  disappoint  their partner, and at the same time, they are embarrassed to tell him that their sex life is not so colorful.

We have sex with a someone who somehow attracts us, therefore we should clearly inform about our needs, and above all, not to pretend. When partners know when sex was satisfactory, and when wasn’t, they may jointly work on it and heat the atmosphere in their bedroom.


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