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A menopause is often quite unpleasant period for women. In the body there are a lot of changes e.g. less estrogens, the ovaries stop working and fertility disappears. Consequently,  menopause appears (the last menstrual period). At the same time, in the female body are less hormones, which are responsible for the libido. Sexual life slowly begins to fade, and for a lot of women this is quite a natural process, which they have to get used to. Others are not able to accept this, therefore they lose their femininity – they feel unloved, rejected and one of their greatest enemies becomes their own body.



The list of symptoms that you need to keep in your mind is quite long: hot flashes, night sweats, constant mood swings, sleep disruption, dry skin, weak bones, as well as from the point of view of women pretty important issue –  decreased  libido and dryness in the vagina . The combination of all of them result that sex is the last thing that you can be tempted. Of course – it does not have to happen, but be prepared for the fact that such symptoms may appear.


First of all, you should regularly visit your gynecologist. He will choose the best treatment, thanks to this period of your life goes a little more smoothly. If you are an opponent of hormone replacement therapy, then you must know that it is not the only option. There are a lot of herbs that help in the transition through menopause. Some of them also affect libido.


Female sexuality is very complicated and cannot be confined to one single cause lack of desire for sex. Menopause may be one of many – really dislike for sex usually due to a bad mood, hard day at work or chronic stress. If you could find the main reason, it would be easy to eliminate it. Unfortunately, this is much more complicated, and if you cannot cope with your moods, you do not know why you do not want to have sex, then you should try to take some pills, which will improve your potency. It makes no sense to worry about such solutions. Think about it – the market “blue” pill for men is huge. The world got used to the fact that men can have problems with potency, when they are in a certain age. With women it is exactly the same and there is no point in denying it. Supplements that  can heat up the atmosphere in your bedroom, have more advantages. You will gain your self-confidence, and during the day you’ll have a lot of energy to act.  Menopause is period of life which every woman has to pass through. Therefore, before you begin to experience the menopause, you should prepare for the changes that will occur in your body. Remember that using appropriate dietary supplements can reduce the symptoms of menopause and  make them smoother, so do not hesitate to use them.





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