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Teen sex is very controversial topic – it is hard for parents to realize that their children are growing up,  they are experiencing a storm of hormones and dolls, which until recently were their favourite toys become past. Avoiding conversations about sex doesn’t make anything. It is much better if you give your children the […]


A menopause is often quite unpleasant period for women. In the body there are a lot of changes e.g. less estrogens, the ovaries stop working and fertility disappears. Consequently,  menopause appears (the last menstrual period). At the same time, in the female body are less hormones, which are responsible for the libido. Sexual life slowly […]

Prolibid effectively increases female libido!

The effectiveness of the Prolibid Femina® clinical study confirmed! Prolibid Femina® is only one dietary supplement available on the market, which has passed clinical study. Polish women, age 25-50 years, sexualy active have taken part in the clinical study. The purpose of this clinical study was to evaluate the effect of the monthly therapy with Prolibid Femina® […]


There are a lot of myths about sex and, unfortunately, most of us believe in them. What are the most common? When a woman wants to wriggle out of sex, she says that she had a headache; Men have problems with libido, which can be repaired with pills and most popular that women pretend orgasms. The truth […]


  Not only the young have sex Today, there is a belief that sexual desire and the desire for sex is the domain of the young, beautiful and rich. Modern research, however, shows that people aged 60 are still sexually active. Moreover, in the group of patients aged 75 and 84 years, people were active […]

Why women can make many things at one time and why men have to act step by step?

Probably you not once wondered how it is possible that we can  think about work, shopping, about watering the flowers and doctor’s appointment at the same time. While our partner has a problem with washing the dishes and cooking dinner at the same time. Well, our brains do not function in the same way. We can remember what […]

A recipe for a successful relationship.

It is said that the main topic of female conversation are men. Love is the value we are looking for, because for most of us love means happiness. People form relationships, some are doing a wedding after two years of being together, others after five, and there are those who, knowing just a few months, […]

Erotic man body map – a few words about the most sensitive parts of his body…

Do you remember the passionate moments at the beginning of your relationship? Can you remember the magic kisses and the thrill that accompanied every good pleasure to the touch? Mostly, the beginning of the relationship looks slightly different than that lasted for a long time. She-devil knows that it is worth to get to know […]